A world realized

A couple of months ago, I reached out to YA author & cartographer Jessica Khoury about creating a map for the world I am writing about in my latest work in progress. I asked her if she would create a map of Awan, the setting of my latest fantasy draft.

She delivered …Bonomini MAP FINAL and utterly blew away my expectations.

Awan is a country of elemental magic, made up of seven provinces. I’ve had this map for about 24 hours, and I cannot believe how much inspiration it has provided me with already. I’ve made new connections and filled in some decisions that I had been putting off because my brain simply couldn’t decide.

I just love it, and could gush about how much I love it for hundreds of more words. Suffice it to say, I am inspired and refreshed and getting back to work on my manuscript. I had my first thousand word day yesterday for the first time in weeks (which is a lot for me).


Here is a very brief taste of the flavors of each of the provinces, for those interested:

1. The capital of Chan’To, which is the main seat of power for Air magic (I bet you couldn’t guess with all the mountains, huh).

2. Maro’ki, a plains province of earth magic.

3. Lisna’ki, the isolated island of Awan is, of course, the main seat of water magic.

4. Kib’yun is filled with green magic and healers. Kib’yun is the traditionally neutral province and has never gotten involved in any power skirmishes (yet).

5. Ano’mei is the backwater farming province filled with earth magic. It may be remote and difficult to get to from just about anywhere else in Awan, but Ano’Mei is responsible for most of the country’s crops.

6. Baen’yu is home to the people of flame.

7. Ci’kun is home to the country’s most celebrated hunters and rarest animals.

Thank you, Jess!



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