Mad for Mad As Hell


Every Hannah McBride story is an experience that will take you through every emotional gamut and absolutely desperate for the next book. Mad as Hell is no exception. Mad as Hell picks up right where Mad World left off, and the plot continues blazing along at the same fast pace as the end of the first book. I devoured it just as quickly and absolutely loved getting into Ryan’s POV.

The emotional arcs and relationship development in this one are spectacular. No one puts my heart through the blender and then slowly pieces it back together quite the same way as Hannah McBride. This book is dark and full of horrible people, which makes the victories and glimmers of hope that much sweeter. The world-building really expands in this second book as well. Mad as Hell just gave me more of everything I loved about the first book: more super steamy romance, more betrayal, and heartache, more twists. Maddie really comes into her own in this one. She is fierce and easy to champion. I adore her to pieces. I absolutely loved Ryan’s journey in this one, too. There are so many fantastic developments and really interesting backstory connections that deepened the book and emotional impact of the characters.

I cannot wait to see where Hannah takes us next.

Pick up Mad As Hell today!

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