Mad World by Hannah McBride

Wow. Just like Hannah McBride’s Blackwater Pack series, I devoured this book. Mad World delivers on the title – this book is nuts. Fast-paced action, intriguing characters that I was invested in right from the beginning, and filled with twists and turns.

✨✨✨✨✨ This was a definite 5-star read for me!

Mad World opens with Madison in her hometown Detroit suburb, exhausted from going from job to job to try to make ends meet and save up for college while her drug-addict mother is passed out on the couch of their double-wide. One day while Internet searching for a project, she discovers she has a twine, Madelaine. Madelaine appears to have it all – unbelievable wealth, the world at her fingertips, and a loving father and fiance.

When they meet, they decide to switch lives for the summer. But the unthinkable happens, and Maddie finds herself pretending to be Madelaine for the rest of their senior year.

But it’s only temporary, right?

I am so ridiculously excited to see where Hannah takes this series. Highly recommend for fans of Hannah’s first series, JLA, and spicy new adult contemporaries.

Mad World is the first book in a new series by Hannah McBride. It contains dark themes (including bullying) that may be triggering for some readers.

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