Book Review & Blog Tour: A Little Too Familiar

Turn the Page Tours Mega Hybrid Tour for Lish McBride’s A Little Too Familiar.

I’m thrilled to be joining Turn the Page Tours for a mega hybrid tour for Lish McBride’s fantastic, A Little Too Familiar! Romance fans, you DO NOT want to miss this one. Get all the deets below.


TITLE:  A Little Too Familiar

AUTHOR: Lish McBride

PUBLISHER: self-pub

RELEASE DATE: May 17, 2022

GENRES: Adult Romance, Adult Fantasy, Adult Contemporary

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Love brings out the animal in you.

Louise Matthews has got it good. Wonderful job? Check. Loving family? The best. Roommates? Pretty fantastic, thank you. All of this helps her stay focused on what she wants: to finish out her apprenticeship and become a fully licensed Switch-an animal mage who bonds familiars to their witches.

Only a problem has just moved in-a hot, occasionally wolf-shaped problem.

Declan Mackenzie doesn’t want to be a lone wolf, but he doesn’t have a choice. Girlfriend? Gone. Sister? Starting a new life. Parents? In prison where they belong, thankfully. All he wants is a fresh start-new home, new job, new life. What he gets is a house full of witches, a fledgling phoenix named Dammit, and rogue ferrets who won’t stay out of his business.

And he could handle all of that if it wasn’t for Louise. It’s not great to crush on your roommate. It’s even worse when you realize she wields the kind of magic that sends you running for the door.

Still, Declan is no pup, and he’s not going to let this set him back..

Until the past comes back to haunt him-the parents he put in jail have busted out. They want revenge.

And the only thing standing between them and Declan is Louise and the very magic he vowed never to go near again.


Lish McBride is a writer, former bookseller, and amateur goblin living in the PNW. In the crime of the century, she tricked not one but two universities into giving her degrees, ending up with an MFA from the University of New Orleans. (They cannot have it back, either, as she has invoked the ancient law of “no backsies.”) When she is not writing or reading, she’s usually hanging out with her family and friends…and talking about writing or reading. Her ultimate dream is to have her own castle and one of the libraries with the wheely ladder. 

You can find her online in all of the usual places under the handle @lishmcbride, usually posting pictures of her dogs.

Connect with Lish on Instagram!

Book Review ✨✨✨✨✨/5

I received a copy of this book as part of the tour. When I opened it to see what it was all about, I found myself unable to stop reading. I devoured A Little Too Familiar in a handful of days. I adored everything about this one – Lish McBride’s fantastic dialogue and witty banter, heartwarming relationships and themes of found family, swoony romance, and fun magic systems.

When Declan loses his girlfriend, his sister, his job, and his pack in one fell swoop, he moves to a new city to start over. Only when he moves in with an old friend – he is forced to room with the one type of person he tries to avoid – animal mage Lou. All he wants is a fresh start-new home, new job, new life. What he gets is a house full of witches, a fledgling phoenix named Dammit, and rogue ferrets who won’t stay out of his business. He could maybe handle all of that if one of the new roommates is the one type of person he tries to avoid, an animal mage. And the worst part? He’s really attracted to her, despite the wariness of her magic.

Declan and Lou have fabulous chemistry from the start and I love the progression of their relationship.

I highly recommend this one for fans of paranormal, witchy romance, like Darynda Jones and Kim Harrison. I loved this book and can’t wait to read more Lish McBride! Out now!

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